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COVID-19 Update

Make Life Easier Organising is currently on hold during lockdown 6 in Melbourne, but please make yourself at home and find some tips on paperwork, wardrobes and more here.

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I look forward to hearing from you xo Leah.

Decluttering, Organising and Systems Support

Working with overloaded carers to declutter and organise paperwork, and ethical small businesses on business development and marketing projects.

Hi, I'm Leah Fry

I'm a holistic professional organiser who loves to collect strategies and resources to overcome challenges at home, and make this a better world for us all to live in. I'm looking towards the bigger picture where we'll need new skills and habits to adapt to often-stressful change in a time of climate crisis. 

The latest on the blog

3 Ways To Finish The Year Strong

2020 is the worst year, says my Google search. For a lot of us, our feelings are too raw to be in a state of acceptance and gratitude, but for those of us who are ready, please read on. WhileRead more

Problems That Will Clutter Up Your Master Bedroom Wardrobe

A master bedroom wardrobe with clutter is often a secret shame.  It’s a place where hopes and dreams go to die, where you toss things at the end of the day when you’re tired, and where you makeRead more

Spring Cleaning Checklist For Busy People

It’s that time of year when we get icy blasts of winter, but we also see blossoms in bloom and daffodils emerging. While we’re still hibernating before spring properly arrives, it’s a greatRead more

Help! I have too many unfinished projects

I often see in clients homes that they have many unfinished projects. They will point out something in most rooms that they have something started, but not finished. It’s often a source ofRead more

A Morning Routine That Will Set You Up For Success

There’s a saying that goes “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and I’d like to share with you my experience in trying a new morning routine because that's what I feel likeRead more

Quick Dinners For Hot Summer Nights

It’s summer now in Melbourne and we’ll be facing hot days ahead and often the last thing you want to do is cook dinner on a hot night. Who’s with me?  If your home is anything like mine,Read more

Tips To Make Life Easier When You're Moving House

So you’re moving house soon and maybe you’re feeling like there’s something you should be doing to prepare for it. You might be moving into a love nest together with your other half, movingRead more

Do You Know The Impact You Have On Those Around You?

Put your hand up if clutter and disorganisation at home makes you feel stressed or anxious. Keep your hand up if feeling stressed or anxious changes the tone of how you show up with your family orRead more

6 Habits To Keep Your Paper Clutter Under Control

If you struggle with paper clutter and getting your paperwork organised, you’ll love to hear about habits you can focus on to keep your paperwork under control. Maintenance is a huge part of ensuriRead more

Bust Your Paper Clutter Habits

Do you struggle with paper clutter in your home? Papers seem to be something that just breed and explode, causing stress and anxiety and leaving paper-shaped outlines of dust behind. There’s a reaRead more

Tips For Getting Through A Hard Time

Everyone goes through hard times in their life. Whether that is a death of someone close to you, a relationship ending, a job loss, a health crisis, you’re caring for someone with intensive needs, Read more

When you have more to do than time to do it

I asked the question on my Facebook page in March: what do you think stops you from feeling more organised? I had responses around having more to do than is manageable with how much time you have inRead more

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