9 Things To Know About Leah Fry

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm glad you've come.
Have a cup of tea or coffee (or a wine ;-))
and keep this fun.
I know life can get pretty hectic,
so let's take a breath,
And start with the poetic.
What would you like to know about me?
Can I guess?
It's not Homer's Odyssey
But goddesses feature...

#1. I love pets
All creatures great and small, eh? I grew up always having a pet dog in the family, and we also had guinea pigs in our early years. I had my own zebra finches, and then gradually moved onto a divided aviary with all sorts of birds. I called time on having birds with the pressure of Year 12 study, and had a long break until my early 30s when my soon-to-be-husband and I bought a house. Two guinea pigs lived out their lives with us, and now I have a bunny called Marvin.

#2. I love music
My mother bought me my first tape after she saw me dancing to music playing at a shopping centre, and that grew into piano lessons, which grew into singing lessons at secondary school. I joined an a cappella choir based in the northern suburbs called ARCappella (link) in my 20s and had a lot of fun singing with friends. Now, apart from the Wiggles and Play School that my 4 year old sings and dances around to (you mamas know what I'm talking about!), I listen to the pop and dance music on the radio, folk, classical, some rock, and meditations. I love to break out some 90s alternative when I'm in the mood too.

Ducks and plants, Rivers of Yarrambat
Ducks and plants, Rivers of Yarrambat

#3. I love travelling and wandering
Do you know that Tolkien quote, "Not all who wander are lost"? I so relate to that. I spent a lot of my 20s travelling around Europe, and lived in London 2005-2006. The photo of me at the top is when I went to a glacier in Norway on a Scandinavia and Russia Contiki tour in 2006. These days, my little family goes on some bushwalks, fruit picking, and day trips around Melbourne.

#4. Follower of romance
I've enjoyed watching First Dates with my husband, it's my guilty pleasure, and the Twitter people reacting to the show are very funny. I've watched The Bachelorette and the most recent Bachelor, but those are more love-to-hate shows as I can't stand a few key elements of the show format (competing for one person, setting people up to be hurt, keeping people around instead of being honest with them, you know, those elements). Has anyone watched Outlander? There's a romance that grabs you. I've watched season 1 on Netflix and am waiting for more to be released.
Summer time wine
Summer time wine

#5. Wine.
Wine is awesome. Mmm wine. And food. Can't live without that. Food AND wine? Spot on.

#6. The fun of fashion
I love fashion when it makes you feel good. When you feel like you're expressing your personality, when you're comfortable and not stressing about tummy bulges or bra straps, when you can move without flashing cleavage or butt crack. Yes, that sort of feeling good. What I'm keeping an eye out for - skirts with jersey waistbands (oh my God, these were a total revelation when I was in maternity clothing - so comfortable!), pockets being available in skirts and tunics/apron dresses with pockets, zero drop shoes, and clothes that allow you to dance without being activewear (have you seen that video about activewear haha).
Creating a summer salads pot
Creating a summer salads pot

#7. Being around plants* and growing them
I didn't start out as a green thumb, so this might offer hope for people who think they have a black thumb (aka plant killer). I've found as I've learnt, it's easier to spot problems before they kill a plant, and take care of it. A big takeaway for me from studying a Permaculture Design Certificate is that Australia has poor soils, and pretty much everyone is starting from the perspective that the soil will need to be improved for plants to thrive. That means if you were planting your garden in another country, the whole experience would likely be easier (aka less plant killing). And watching seeds sprout is pretty magical.

*Except for the hay fever!

#8. I love a happy dance
I didn't grow up taking dancing classes, just enjoyed dancing when there's great music. I had a ball dancing with other organisers in August, and it made me remember how much fun it is! I signed up to Figure 8 Fitness (online fitness program taught by a world champion ballroom dancer) and have been following a dancing program since then.
The Parthenon, Greece - Dedicated to the goddess Athena
The Parthenon, Greece

Dedicated to the goddess Athena

#9. Learning from the past
That's history, mythology, cultures, all that kind of thing. And you might guess that's where goddesses come in... I studied history and classical mythology at uni, and thought it would be fun to bring that in, and also capture the imagination to use Greek goddesses in my business. Everyone has heard of Aphrodite, and I'll give other goddesses more focus in future blogs so you can get to know them. As for me? I find Artemis resonates as she's always on a mission, but I appreciate moods of other goddesses.

So there's 9 things about me, and thanks for staying with me and reading to the end! I'd love to get to know you too so say hi!

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