Why Organising Is Important (and it's not what you think)

What is organising anyway?

Organising offers clarity about what we have, the purpose and meaning of our belongings, and how to sort our belongings into a structure. Why organise at all? Most people would know that organising supports:
  • a feeling of having things under control,
  • clean and tidy spaces,
  • feeling prepared eg. with having something to wear, finding bills and paperwork, or knowing what you're having for dinner,
  • saving money on replacing lost items and buying items you discover you already have when you get home,
  • and saving time searching for your keys.
All this is true, but I'm going to give you a new perspective on reasons to organise.

If you'd like the quick video version, check this out.

Otherwise, read on...

#1 Organising is a great way to get to know yourself

The process of letting go tells you who you are right now because you value what you keep. You find out what things you like, and how you like to use them. Are you curious about who you are now? It is ok for you to learn and evolve and have different needs as you learn and evolve. Do you spend your time with who you love and what you love or are there obstacles in your path? Do you ever feel stuck or lost? If so, it is time to take a good look at what is around you and release the clutter. Can you imagine how it would feel to know yourself, like yourself, trust yourself, and what impact that would have on your life? What impact would your new energy have on those around you?

#2 Organising tells you how much you can maintain

Each item you own needs maintenance. Think about it. It needs cleaning, storing, and using. How many things do you have that you're not cleaning, storing, and using? A few things, sure, that's not overwhelming. When it's boxes and bags full or a room full (a house full?) though? That's when stress, frustration, overwhelm, helplessness and avoidance kick in. That is a sign you need to look at what you have and let go of what no longer serves you. That is when your things own you, instead of you owning them.

#3 Organising allows people (whether that is your other half, your kids, family members or friends that you invite to your home) to help you

Yes, help YOU. Yes, this is a big one. A lot of women have difficulty with this. How often have you either felt guilty about leaving things because you're busy or sick, or pushed yourself to do things and then felt resentful of someone or everyone at home for not doing those things?

On a daily basis, people need to be clear on where things belong, particularly with respect to clothes and dishes. I'm not talking about putting things away, just knowing where they belong as a starting point. And kids need constant training as they grow and become more capable. Beyond the daily, there are lots of circumstances where having things organised will allow people to help you.
  • How to feed your cat when you're away,
  • where the medicines are when a child has a fever during the night,
  • bring or make you soup when you're sick,
  • how to put on a load of washing when you have a new baby,
  • where the best takeaway food places are when they're housesitting (mmm pizza), and
  • what to do with the rubbish and recycling when cleaning up after a party.
  • What about if you decide to have an extended holiday overseas or live in another country for a couple of years? Who is taking care of your bank statements and bills while you're away? You will need someone to help you with that.
Keep that in mind next time you think to yourself "I'll just do it myself, it will be quicker."

That's 3 more benefits

So there you go, three more ways that organising benefits you. It helps you get to know yourself, tells you how much you can maintain, and allows people to help you. Does this give organising new meaning? Have you thought about these benefits before? Does this resonate with you?

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