How To Return From A Holiday Without Adding Back Your Stress

Tips For Making It Easier To Return From A Holiday

Do you have a holiday planned? Here are some tips so you don't return from holiday, stress out, and undo all the good relaxing you did while on holiday. Some of these things depend on how long you are going for. You might be lucky enough for someone to help you take care of some of these things for you, but if not, this is how you return without adding back the stress you had before the holiday.

Think Of The Money

  • Make sure you've paid all your bills and scheduled payments your payments for anything that is due to arrive while you're away.
  • Make sure you've got the money in your account that you'll need for your holiday. It's getting easier to transfer money via apps on your smartphone, but you don't want to be caught short if the local network is unreliable, or your phone service is through Vodafone. Just saying.

Clean Up The House Before You Go

The last thing you want is to come back to a lot of work after a holiday when you'll already have washing to do. If you've been staying in hotels, you will notice differences in how clean the hotel is vs how clean your place is, and you can only complain to yourself about cleaning at home.

  • The main things are to clear the dishes and dishwasher (no mould to find upon your return please), and vacuuming and mopping the floors. If you can fit in the floor cleaning about 2-3 days before you go, it'll still be relatively fresh when you go, and not having you frantically running around the house trying to pack and clean and leave on time (yeah, that probably won't happen).
  • If you can, and you already use a cleaner at your place, you could book them in for a deep clean while you're away.

Clothes For The Trip And Home

  • Think about what clothes you might want to bring with you on holiday, and make sure they've had time to be washed and dried before you need to pack.
  • In general, clear as much washing as you can before you go. You'll be bringing back washing from your holiday, and you'll have less to catch up on if you've done most of it at home already.
  • While on holiday, keep bags for dirty washing (and you could even sort them as you would for your usual washing to give yourself one less step at home).

Use Up The Food And Save Some For When You Get Back

  • Clear out your fridge by using up perishables before you go. This includes fruit, vegetables, and dairy that won't last until you're back.
  • Add to your freezer. Make a double quantity of dinner in the week before you go and add portions to the freezer. You'll thank yourself when you return from your holiday and have a home-cooked meal that you just have to heat up.
  • Do you need bread and milk? Put a loaf of bread in the freezer, and stock your fridge with long-life milk so you can have tea or coffee when you get home. I've done that when living in share-houses and it's been a relief to have them when I've come home.
  • If you can, book in a groceries delivery for the day after you arrive home. I wouldn't book it for the day you return as delays can happen and you don't want cold things spoiling at your front door if you're late.

Keeping That Holiday Feeling

Do you feel the post-holiday blues? It can be hard to return from the high of travelling, having adventures, and more fun than you might in your usual daily life.

  • Book in something nice a few weeks or a month after your holiday. It's enough time to allow you to catch up and settle in after your holiday, but not so long that it feels far away. Have something to look forward to.
  • You could also give yourself a day off after your holiday to have a slow day at home. If you have pets, they'll especially appreciate having time to reconnect with you.
  • Remember the insights from your holiday. Often on holiday we remember what brings us joy in life. It takes us out of the day-to-day and helps us remember our heart. What did you love about your holiday? What did you discover about yourself? What worked, and what didn't work? What did you miss about home? Note your highlights, and consider what changes you might need to make from your insights.
  • Did you take lots of pics? Copy them to your computer. Then you can review and pick your favourites for sharing or printing or scrapbooking or making a photo book or making a video slideshow or whatever other creative project brings you happiness.

There You Have My Tips

So there you go, my top tips for making it easier to return from a holiday. If you follow this plan, you'll return to a clean house, be able to have coffee and toast, and have dinner already done. You'll have some time to cuddle pets, read your mail and email, and go through your photos while your washing is in the machine. How does that sound? Is this what you do before you go on holiday? Would you have any other tips to add?

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