Do You Know The Impact You Have On Those Around You?

Let's visualise

Put your hand up if clutter and disorganisation at home makes you feel stressed or anxious.

Keep your hand up if feeling stressed or anxious changes the tone of how you show up with your family or the people you live with. 

Keep your hand up if you feel that you don’t spend much time with your loved ones, and you feel guilty that the time you do spend with them, you’re feeling stressed, and maybe less patient, more irritable, more distracted than you otherwise would be. 

You’re not alone, studies have shown that clutter causes stress, particularly for women.

Let’s talk about how you feel when you have a clutter free space. 

What do you notice? 

How do you feel when you have a menu plan, or have paid bills on time, or have shown up to an event before it has started, or you can find your favourite top? 

What feelings come to you? Calm? Relaxed? Secure? 

How do you show up with your loved ones when you’re feeling like that? Are you patient? A better listener? Playful? Present?

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Do you see the power that feeling free of clutter and disorganisation has? 

Do you see that you have the power to change the tone of your home? 

Do you see that when you’re feeling calm or secure that you are more able to work together, that you are able to connect with your own desires and focus on what you want?

If you're short on time, bringing in a Professional Organiser will help you to make a difference.

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