Tips To Make Life Easier When You're Moving House

Tips To Make Life Easier When You're Moving House

So you’re moving house soon and maybe you’re feeling like there’s something you should be doing to prepare for it. You might be moving into a love nest together with your other half, moving closer to work or family, or making a lifestyle change like downsizing or a treechange or seachange.

If you've ever moved before, you may have found the experience stressful, confusing, overwhelming, you felt under pressure with either a deadline to vacate or you're squeezing the move into your weekend and then need to go back to work, maybe it's taken longer to pack than you thought it would because do I really have this much stuff (???), and maybe you were hit with unexpected costs.

I get what it’s like, I moved house nearly every year for years in my 20s, everything from moving out of home, moving to different share houses, moving overseas, and moving into a house with my then to-be husband.

So do you want to make life easier for your next house move? Read on for my tips.

What I have learnt from my experiences

1. Packing up stuff is painful. The more stuff you have, the more pain of packing and moving it, and then unpacking it. SOLVE THIS BY: Ask yourself if items are worth moving, or if you can let them go now. This is similar to asking yourself if you had the chance to buy it today, would you?

2. It’s a nuisance to have to clean up the place you’re leaving so the next people can enjoy it. You want to focus on the new place after you have moved, not on cleaning the old place. SOLVE THIS BY: Keep the old place clean. Yes this may be obvious but it still applies. Either do it yourself, or book in cleaners to take care of it.

3. You accumulate stuff as you live. This means lots to pack. See point 1. SOLVE THIS BY: Take the opportunity to get rid of as much stuff (yes, declutter your heart out) as you can before you start the moving process. That way, there's less to pack. And you don’t waste your blood, sweat, and tears on things that are no longer a priority for you.

4. Changing your address takes time.  There may be mail already on its way, you may not have time to notify everyone before the move, and sometimes you notify places that you've changed address, but for some reason, they still get it wrong. Don't count on people at your old address redirecting your mail. SOLVE THIS BY: Redirect your mail with Australia Post to start before you move so they don't deliver mail to your old address after you've moved. Make a list of the essential places to change your address.

5. You will be hungry, tired, and confused. SOLVE THIS BY: Look after yourself. Make sure you have food and drink available or have planned takeaway spots, and set up your bedroom at the new place first so you have somewhere to sit or rest.

Tip: identify your boxes by colour-coding with stickers. For example green = kitchen, blue = bedroom 1, yellow = bedroom 2 etc. That way when you're looking for something, you have already narrowed down the boxes to look through, and it's much simpler than making lists of contents to stick to the boxes. 

6. You’re motivated to set up your new place for a few months after you’ve moved. After that, you just want to get on with living your life. SOLVE THIS BY: Figure out your top hit list of what you want to change or set up to take advantage of your motivation. Writing it down may also give you a reality check that you may be more ambitious than you have time or money for. Your final list may include the things that are urgent, and what’s important to you.

7. Moving house costs money. Whether you hire movers, need boxes, need cleaners to get your bond back, or you realise that the new place is missing elements that make it liveable for you. SOLVE THIS BY: Make sure you have some room in the budget for moving costs.

8. You may be inclined to unpack the kitchen and bedroom stuff but struggle with the rest of the boxes as you continue with your usual schedule of work, family, activities etc. SOLVE THIS BY: Having a housewarming party is a good motivator for having your place set up. If you’re overwhelmed and have no idea where to put things and left to your own devices would just shove things anywhere, you can bring in a professional organiser to help you set up your new space.

9. You may have boxes hanging around after a move. SOLVE THIS BY: Make a rule for yourself. If you still have boxes that are unopened after a move or two, let them go.

10. It can be hard to start packing when you think "But I use these every day". SOLVE THIS BY: Start with packing non-essentials like books and decor items. Use up the food in the freezer and the pantry in the lead up to moving, and give cooking a break just before you move so you can pack up your pots and pans.

That’s 10 things I’ve learned that make life easier with moving house. Would you add anything to this list? Good luck with your move!


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