Spring Cleaning Checklist For Busy People

It’s that time of year when we get icy blasts of winter, but we also see blossoms in bloom and daffodils emerging. While we’re still hibernating before spring properly arrives, it’s a great time to plan for the spring energy to come and make small changes that add up before the year flies by.

“But spring cleaning is a lot of time and effort, and I don’t know where to start. Frankly my whole house could use a clean, and I’m too busy.” - I hear you say.

I totally get you, and as someone with a job, a business, and a family, I don’t want to spend any more time on these things than I have to either.

From what I’ve seen online, a lot of people include tasks that I would consider need doing weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly. Let’s cut those out.

I also know that many people have cleaning services, and I’ve seen what cleaners offer in their spring cleaning services (which can vary, so think about what you want if you decide to book this in). Let’s edit those too. What I’m sharing with you is relevant even if you have a regular cleaner.

I really want to think about spring cleaning in terms of tasks you rarely do, not the regular dusting and vacuuming.

For me, spring cleaning is about two main things:

  • Tasks you rarely need to do
  • Getting the energy flowing and improving the air quality

So I have had fun creating my own checklist around those ideas and to give meaning to why you’re doing the tasks.

In my latest video, which was a recent live on my Facebook page, I share why spring cleaning makes a difference to us.

So what am I talking about in terms of getting energy flowing?

I mean Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. It’s not too many, it’s easy to understand, and to make sure the time you do spend on spring cleaning has an impact. It will make a difference to you.

How do the elements work?

For Earth, this represents the ground. Tasks about the ground in your home relate to flooring and floor coverings. For example, rugs. To deal with these you can roll them up and beat them outside to shake loose dust, which may be a 2 person job depending on their size and your abilities. As a more literal example of Earth, we can give any indoor plants some attention, whether that’s to re-pot a growing plant, or compost one that has died.

For Air, we would deal with anything that would allow airflow from outside to inside or improve the air quality. This means windows and doors, heating and cooling filters, fan vents and things like that.

For Fire, this is represented where we are either cooking or to do with heating sources. For example, cleaning the oven, stove, other cooking appliances such as a microwave to keep them in working order.

For Water, this is about ensuring water can flow easily through drains and sinks and clearing filters.

As a bonus to really save you time, I have also included a section on what to prepare that will serve your spring cleaning efforts, as well as your ongoing maintenance.

Without further ado, here is the checklist ready for you to download from Dropbox!

So what do you think, will this approach make your life easier?


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