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Do you struggle with paper clutter in your home?

If you struggle with paper clutter and getting your paperwork organised, you’ll love to hear about habits you can focus on to keep your paperwork under control. Maintenance is a huge part of ensuring that papers don’t overwhelm your space, whether that’s physical space...
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Bust The Habits That Lead To Paper Clutter

Do you struggle with paper clutter in your home? Papers seem to be something that just breed and explode, causing stress and anxiety and leaving paper-shaped outlines of dust behind. There’s a reason we say “buried in paperwork” or “drowning in paperwork”. We all h...
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Do you feel like dealing with clutter in your home is like banging your head against a brick wall? Ouch. You've probably had one or more of the experiences below. Rather than suffer through the journey, what if someone could tell you where you can go wrong, so you can avoid ...
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To keep consumers buying, the fast fashion industry is in a cycle of pumping out the latest trends, with regular sales to appeal to our fear of missing out or our sense of achievement. This method of the industry encourages a bursting wardrobe with clothes that don't last lo...
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I was doing puzzles with my 4 year old and reflected upon Oprah's words "what is the next right move?" If you haven't seen her asking this question and its significance to her, here's the link to the video....
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What is organising anyway?

Organising offers clarity about what we have, the purpose and meaning of our belongings, and how to sort our belongings into a structure. Why organise at all? Most people would know that organising supports: a feeling of having things under control, clean and tidy space...
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