2019 themes

Facebook group

Each month has a new theme in harmony with the seasons in the southern hemisphere.

Each month is an opportunity for a "new beginning", to start or work on something at home that will serve your stage in life now.

The focus here is on non-judgemental support, on making progress, not about Pinterest perfection. Here we celebrate your efforts, not set unachievable goals to exhaust you and make you feel like you're fallen short.

What you receive as a member

  • A monthly FB live on the theme of the month (~10-30 mins)
  • Inspiration or tips related to the theme of the month, generally weekly
  • Insights on the topic as they strike me

FB live schedule


Friday 11 October, 12:00pm

Friday 15 November, 12:00pm

Friday 6 December, 12:00pm



Want to see my previous FB lives?


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