Welcome to Make Life Easier Organising

Hello! I'm Leah.

Founder of Make Life Easier Organising.

I help people struggling with overwhelm and clutter to develop a vision of an easier home life, declutter, and set up systems that work.

What makes life easier?

Having less stuff

Being surrounded by joy

Understanding what you want from life

Having room for growth

Are you with me?

"Leah Fry has been helping me de-clutter and organise my house. When she came over this morning she found a house in chaos, everyone in pyjamas and me bleary- eyed from little sleep. Leah has been re-organising my kitchen cupboards, drawers and pantry. I just wanted to show her that she inspired me to push through the pain barrier and have a clean and tidy dining table.
Thank you Leah!"

4 October 2016, Sarah, Balnarring

My background

I have always enjoyed organising in my working life, where I have worked in administration and management and focused on processes and systems. Add to that learning from life such as moving house every year in my 20s (including living in London and doing lots of travel). I grew up in Melbourne as the third of five children so I know what it's like as a big household with working parents and kids doing after school and weekend activities.

I've coordinated projects at home too. My husband and I have been lucky enough to renovate our house that was built in the 1980s. I have coordinated the kitchen renovation, and the demolition and construction of a colorbond patio.

Having a baby girl in 2012 has been a crash course in babyproofing and organising with kids. 

What are you looking for in a Professional Organiser?

  • I had Professional Organiser Training in May 2016 through Angela Esnouf at Creating Order From Chaos. 
  • I am a known industry member (was a member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers before it wound up in 2017)
  • I have a current Working With Children Check.

My approach

  • Focus on what you love. Sometimes we forget about that when all we see is what we don't love.
"What you focus on grows"
  • Use the resources you have on hand to create structures, not make you buy lots of containers (where practical).
  • Encourage sustainable waste management. This means not overloading yourself with fixer-uppers, not overloading charities with clothes that are not in a fit condition to buy, and recognising where too much is coming in so you can take action.

My logo

The lotus shape represents growth. The middle petals reveal a pink heart reminding us that love is at the centre of yourself, your life, and your dreams. The diamond is like a star guiding the way. The image itself connects us to nature, to beauty.

Interested in finding out more?

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I know what it's like when your inbox is filling up so I don't spam, and I focus on what's valuable to you.

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