Have piles of paperwork built up around your house? Are you feeling the urge to spring clean but there is clutter in the way?


It's a FREE challenge to help motivate you and overcome the clutter overwhelm. 
Save time in looking for lost documents like a birth certificate or marriage certificate
Save money from forgotten bills and late fees, and make sure you have your tax documents together to lodge your tax return before 31 October
Your surfaces will be easier to keep clear, and easier to spring clean

How does the 14 Day Paperwork Decluttering Challenge work?

Each day, we will target an area where paperwork collects around the house, then sort it, and clear the surface. The idea is to make quick progress and take small bites into the clutter. We'll tackle some areas that are bothering you, as well as ones that get ignored. It all adds up!

Day 1 - Tips for sustainable decluttering, and kitchen - next to the phone
Day 2 - Dining table
Day 3 - Fridge or noticeboard
Day 4 - Master bedroom - bedside table
Day 5 - Master bedroom - tallboy or other surface
Day 6 - Purse/wallet (and catch up)
Day 7 - Living room - coffee table
Day 8 - Living room - shelves
Day 9 - Study/home office - desk
Day 10 - Study/home office - printer
Day 11 - Study/home office - paper stationery
Day 12 - Study/home office - home-related filing
Day 13 - Study/home office - personal-related filing
Day 14 - Catch up, tips for keeping your space clutter-free, and celebrate

What do I get?

  • A daily email with your task
  • A Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your successes
  • A printable list to write down projects as you go along

When is it running?

From Thursday 7 September to Wednesday 20 September 2017.

Want to register your interest for next time I run the challenge?

You can either sign up to my newsletter and I'll share the news, or you can email me at and let me know you're keen :) 

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